Garage Sales

Garage Sale permits are available at City Hall for $5.00.  Good for 3 days each.  Only 3 sales per location are allowed each calendar year.  Available year round.

Feel free to check out our ordinance under:  section 605.120 Garage Sales

City Wide Garage sales are held twice a year.  Once in April and once in September.  Cost is currently $5.00 per location, for 2 days. 

The Park is also available at:  $25.00 for Pavilion, $15 for Stage, and $10.00 for a spot in the grassy area.  No reservations over phone,  you must purchase permits at City Hall.  First come, first serve availability, on all park areas.

Actual dates will be posted closer to sale time.

City Wide Garage Sales for 2024 are





2024 garage sale

2024 garage sale